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Good morning, ladies, gentlemen, and everyone in between;

We hope that you had a safe voyage so far as we bid a special welcome to all travellers who have just gotten aboard today’s train towards absolute fucking insanity.

We ask you to keep your facemasks firmly in place, your seatbelts wherever the fuck you like them and your cigarettes in your pockets.

This is a no-no-nonsense-train, which requires you to keep all your seriousness in your imagination as it is strictly forbidden to unpack for all the time of your journey.

We thank you for your attention and wish you a safe clicking through this mess.

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πŸ– Everything on this page is under construction until further notice, πŸ–œ
πŸ– Please be patient, thank you ^^ πŸ–œ

NEW! Paintings and Drawings

I used to draw more regularly, nowadays I only draw occasionally, but I do still draw. So, smaller, bigger, huge or tiny projects will be stored or examined, put to display, etc. right here (:

Oceanic Deep Diving

Deep Sea? Deep Sea! Those of you that might have talked to me for more than a second know that I have a deep obsession with the sea. For you that are interested in this, this division may deliver!

Projects and Inquiries

Private projects, such as: 'Can Charlie Automatise Fire Extinguishers?', 'Questions To Torment My Bio Teachers', 'Let's Make A Riddle!', or 'Can We Make A Gel Out Of That?' can be found here.

NEW! Literature and Analyses

Oh, literarure, my literature!
Uhm, not to put it all on a too-high of a pedestral, but creativity is so fundamentally ingrained in our brains...unbelievable. If you know what Verner's Law is, I am in love with you.

NEW! Blogged Bloggings

A logbook in theory. Everyday life and rants and what did Charlie eat today? Yup, all can be found here.

To give you a fair warning...

I make bad dad-jokes that have most people rolling their eyes at me. Spelling and grammar are also things that will be wonky here, since English isn't my first language. Hope this doesn't steer you away though!

In the Interest of Accessibility...

This website will have all images captioned accordingly... eventually (I apologise in the meantime). If you are having trouble reading text because of spacing, colour contrast, the font, etc. please do message me and I'll see what I can do. No flashing backgrounds or other imagery as far as I can avoid it. Other people's buttons, however, lay beyond my juristriction.

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