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To Devour a Book, to Let It Rest Inside Your Heart

None of my recommendations are really ordered. Hopefully you'll find something that'll stick with you!


Wenn Haie Leuchten
BESTIES PALS AND FRIENDS my favourite book of all times!!! Ever asked yourself how the bioflourescence of coral reefs works? How old do sharks get, how old was the oldest ever found marine animal? Can some jellyfish life FOREVER and are fish affected by optical illusions? My favourite, please read it LOL

Gay Berlin
Hey you, yes you! Are you interested in queer history and the beginnings of the white western movement of queer identity? Then this book is for you!

if not; winter
Ah yes, Sappho's poetry, a classic. I'm not too obsessed about it, but I do enjoy the rhythym to her poetry, so it's on my recommendation list!

Entangled Life
Definitely one of my favourite books. This one's a deep dive into mushrooms, how they are shaping the world and how much we are depending on them!

Sister Outsider
Currently still very relevant social commentary essays!

Eye of the Shoal
Another book about fish!

Im Fokus: Meereswelten
Favourite topic here were the hydrothermal springs and the asphalt springs, but honestly, the entire book is amazing!

Faszination Meeresforschung

Das große KOSMOS-Buch der Mikroskopie
Such a must read for everyone that's been asking themselves what's actually happening under a microscope. Wonderful explanations and images!

Die vierte Dimension
Honestly, this one I just read, because I hoped that my favourite polyhedra would appear... Still a good book.

Das Zebrabuch zur Geometrie
See above.

Zur Not kann die Kiste auch segeln
Funny stories from a pilot (:

Probleme der Namensforschung im deutssprachigen Raum
This one sounded very interesting and the problem it describes certainly is!


Broke Back Mountain
Haha, that shit broke me! No, for real. I sobbed my eyes out. Watch for maximum emotional damage! Favourite movie!

Okay listen, my ex-maths and still-physics teacher likes trains, likes them a lot. At every opportunity he is trying to make up a practice tasks with trais. Right before summer holidays we watched a movie (as you do right before the holidays) and he showed my class this movie. Absolute fave ever since. Easy going action hero suspense, I'd call it. 2010s vibes all with the scenes the characters. Beloved movie.

THE IMAGERY IN THAT FILM!!! The contrast, the camera settings, the symbolism of cigarettes!!! Idk SHIT about film but that movie was honestly great!

A friend recommended me Shakespear and those characters, man XD they're too funny. Read this for maximum laughs about confused characters on stage.

A Midsummernight's Dream

The Vine Witch

All the Birds in the Sky


Life of Pi
Saw this first at a super early age and has since then resided in my brain. Great movie!

Léon the Professional

The Insivible Life of Addie LaRue


This is not me

Waiting for Godot
ATTENTION ALL THEATRE NERDS! Are you in for some good measured existential crisis on stage? Then you're in for the ride that is Godot. What's it about? Life, existence? Something else? I have got my theories and my analyses but you're in for the guessing game (:

Fin de Partie

I DESPERATELY want to play this. Let me play this. Please.

...is about to come out in a few months (or is already out? Idk...) And I loved the writing style of Haas since I first heard a reading of an excerpt on the radio.

Früher war noch mehr Lametta



The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Batman (2022)

Fight Club

Top Gun

This gun for hire


Knives Out